• Image of  Speckled Boob Mug
  • Image of  Speckled Boob Mug
  • Image of  Speckled Boob Mug

These mugs celebrate womxn's bodies, breastfeeding and feminism.
15% of the profit from each mug goes to Black Mothers Matter a non profit creating dedicated resources, a platform and safe space for Black mothers.

Black women are 5 times more likely to die due to complications during childbirth in the U.K. This organisation supports Black mothers by funding them to have advocates/doulas during their pregnancy.

You can find out more about their work over at www.blackmothersmatter.org

Wheel thrown in stoneware clay, glazed in satin finish speckled white.

We recommend washing by hand, the mug can tolerate the temperature of the dishwasher (it's just risky for the nipples!)

Measures approx 10cm x 6cm

There are slight size/shape/glaze variations between mugs. This batch is slightly less toasty looking, more of a matt white.

Coming Soon