We use recycled, recyclable or biodegradable packaging to post your pots. These elements listed below make up our packing system with the info on how to reuse or recycle each part.

Biodegradable Wrapping.  Can be composted or recycled.  Die-cut brown paper and tissue interleaf system that wraps and protects the items. A paper version of bubble wrap!

Eco Loose Fill (noodles!).  Can be composted in your garden or bokashi style compost, or dissolved in water and tipped down the sink.  The packing chips provide a protective cushion to reduce risk of damage during shipping.

Brown Paper Tape.  Can be recycled.  This tape has a silicon-free backing allowing for it to be recycled and for boxes to reach you securely. 

Tissue Paper. Can be recycled.  Soaps and candles will come tissue wrapped. 

Cardboard Boxes.  Can be recycled or reused.  

I will still continue to reuse any packaging that comes my way, from suppliers and incoming orders. This may be remnants of bubble wrap, newspaper. I will not be buying in any more non recyclable packing materials as of May 2020.