Trade / Swap 

From November we are opening a new trade /swap system. There will be a list of items we need and are happy to trade pots for here. Please check the list and get in touch via the contact page if you'd like to trade.

I'm really aware that many folk have had huge financial changes this year and may not be able to afford handmade work ( we are included in this statement). Craft shouldn't be an elitist club, so this is hopefully a way to make pots accessible.

The system works like this, if you have something on the list and would like to swap it for a pot, get in touch. You cover the postage for your item and I'll cover postage for the pot. 

I can't trade for boob mugs, as part of the profit is a donation to charity. Nor for candles/soap/other items that are made outside our studio.

Here is the list for November / December - we would like to trade pots for;

1. A handmade woolly hat, kids age 4-5

2. Handmade mittens or gloves, kids age 4-5

3. Cold process soap

4. Candles / incense

Pay What You Can

From November we will also offer a selection of pots on a pay what you can basis. These pots are designated for people on a low income. The pots are listed in the shop for the cost of materials and UK postage and listed as PWYC. If you choose to pay more than the listed price you can send additional funds via

It is totally ok not to send additional money and pay the listed price. At the moment we can't send PWYC pots internationally as the shipping is too expensive.

These pots are not seconds, or samples. They are the same work as the full price range, hopefully just available to folk who would otherwise be excluded from owning handmade pots.